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foam padding

Foam padding can be used for many different applications and is utilised through a variety of industries. From furniture manufacturing to retail packaging, this versatile material comes in all shapes and sizes and offers plenty of benefits. Foam Padding – Foam For Comfort One of the most common uses for foam padding is for comfort. […]

reticulated foam

There are many different foam grades available to buy, each with unique properties to offer. Some are similar in nature, while others are unique. One such grade with unique characteristics is reticulated foam. How Reticulated Foam Works You only need to look at reticulated foam to notice its distinctiveness. A foam grade with an interlacing […]

bench cushions foam

Whether indoors or outdoors, there’s no denying that custom bench cushions make furniture a lot more enjoyable to sit on. If you’re looking to buy foam cut to size for your furniture, you’re in the right place! Why You Would Need Custom Bench Cushions There are several reasons why you might need custom bench cushions. […]

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