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custom foam inserts

Lots of items can be protected with the help of a case. From rare antiquities to high-tech pieces of equipment, a good quality case can certainly protect your important items from outside elements. But, it’s not always just protection from the outside you need. Without high-quality foam inserts to secure your items, it’s still possible […]

CNC Foam Cutting Services

Whilst a simple square foam cushion might be easy to cut with less advanced machinery, sometimes complex shapes require CNC foam cutting machines. These computer-controlled machines have the ability to interpret technical design files. This allows them to produce products that would be difficult, or otherwise impossible to reproduce manually. This is especially the case […]

Dyno Cell Acoustic Foam for Engine Tuning Rooms

When you’re tuning and putting an engine through its paces, things can get loud; really loud! If you need acoustic treatment for your Dyno Cell, Foam Direct can help you! What is a Dyno Cell? A Dyno cell is an area dedicated to engine tuning and testing. Its primary function is to provide a suitable […]

foam padding

Foam padding can be used for many different applications and is utilised through a variety of industries. From furniture manufacturing to retail packaging, this versatile material comes in all shapes and sizes and offers plenty of benefits. Foam Padding – Foam For Comfort One of the most common uses for foam padding is for comfort. […]

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