Plastazote Foam Closed Cell Foam Sheets

Created by Zotefoam, Plastazote is a unique type of closed cell foam. A member of the Azote foam range, this durable, water-resistant and easily workable foam has quickly become the number one choice for many.

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Plastazote LD33 – White Closed Cell Foam

white plastazote

White Plastazote closed cell foam sheets have a variety of unique traits, making it popular for use throughout many industries. This is a thermoplastic polyethylene foam containing nitrogen filled cells.

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PRICE: £29.99

Plastazote LD33 – Black Closed Cell Foam

black plastazote

Black Plastazote closed cell foam sheets have a variety of unique traits, making it popular for use throughout many industries. This is a thermoplastic polyethylene foam containing nitrogen filled cells.

Foam Sheet Size
Foam Thickness

PRICE: £29.99

The Features of Plastazote LD33

While still flexible, this is a very hardwearing and durable foam grade. Being closed cell, it has a high-impact threshold. As such, it is often used as a form of packaging to protect items of importance. The foam can be easily cut and shaped to your liking, making it an extremely versatile material. It can be used to line cases or reinforce boxes, helping to protect your items through transit.

LD33 also can be heat moulded at temperatures from 85 – 140 °C. Please excel caution if you intend to do this.

This foam can be easily cut and shaped to your preference. Because of this, it is used to create a variety of things. From costume making to prop design and even medical orthosis creation, you’ll love the simplicity of working with LD33.

It is also often used in a variety of sports equipment. Being water-resistant and buoyant also makes it perfect for use in swimming pools. Items such as swimming aids can be manufactured from this foam.

Body protection is another application for this foam. You can line helmets and other sportswear with it to help protect the wearer from impact. Other sports equipment includes trainers, gym mats and more.

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Where is Plastazote Used?

You can find Plastazote used throughout a wide range of applications. This versatile foam has many unique traits. That’s why it’s favoured among many industry professionals. It is often used to protect valuable or important equipment. Some examples include –

  • Military Equipment
  • Tools
  • Retail Goods
  • Medical Equipment
  • Various Electronics
  • Antiques & Fine Art

Here are just a few examples of industries which may benefit from the use of Plastazote foam –

  • Military.
  • Healthcare.
  • Construction.
  • Aerospace.
  • Sportswear.
  • Museums & Galleries.
  • Retail.
  • Automotive.
  • Marine.

Plastazote Polyethylene Foam

Plastazote LD33 is a type of polyethylene foam. It is made up of small, sealed and interconnecting cells. In the case of Plastazote polyethylene foam, these cells are blown with nitrogen to help reinforce it. This gives it the durability it is renowned for. Because it has a closed cell structure, liquids do not pass through it, making it perfect for use on or near water. This foam is also a good thermal insulator.

How is Plastazote Made?

This foam is initially manufactured in the same way as many types of polyethylene foams. By fractionally distilling crude oil to create Naptha, it can be further processed to create polyethylene.

Before the expansion, the polyethylene is blown with nitrogen, this is what gives Plastazote some of its unique properties.

The Benefits of Plastazote

Plastazote is capable of many different things. We’ve already covered the many industries it is used throughout and some of its applications. Now let’s breakdown its many features.

  • Lightweight Foam and Very Durable. Can be used as a heavy-duty form of packaging to protect items.
  • Highly Resistant to Chemicals. Unlike other types of foam, Plastazote can withstand many harsh chemicals that it may meet.
  • Wiped, Cleaned & Disinfected Easily. If something should accidentally be spilled on your foam, it can be easily wiped clean. Plastazote can be disinfected with ease. This makes it great for use in healthcare settings.
  • Buoyant and Resistant to Water. Plastazote floats and can be used in or around water.
  • Good Thermal Insulator. Plastazote has a good level of thermal insulation.
  • Non-Toxic. Plastazote does not contain toxic materials.
  • Great Shock Absorption. Plastazote is found in a variety of sportswear and is often used for packaging. It can withstand high levels of impact and provides great protection.
  • Easily Cut and Shaped. Some foam is harder to cut and shape than others. Plastazote is one of the easier foam types to work with.
  • Odourless. Some foam exhibits a unique smell from the manufacturing process. Plastazote gives off no noticeable smell.
  • Good Ultraviolet Stability & Weatherproof. Plastazote is impervious to many weather types. It can be used outside throughout the year, even remaining stable against ultraviolet rays.

Plastazote LD33 for Medical Equipment

As previously stated, Plastazote is often used to create a range of medical aids. Because it can be heat moulded, it can be adjusted to comfortably fit the affected area of a patient. It is also easy to keep clean and offers good protection. Some medical applications include –

  • Protective helmet.
  • Hip abduction splint.
  • Padded toilet seat cover.
  • Cervical brace.
  • Resting hand splint.
  • Hydrotherapy equipment.
  • X-Ray block.
  • Loose inlay (insoles).
  • Compensation for foot amputation.
  • Post-operative sandal.
  • Body protection.
  • Exercise Mat.
  • Cervical collar.
  • Wrist orthosis.
  • Comfort lining for appliances.
  • Lightweight implement handle.

Closed Cell Foam FAQs

In an effort to help you find the right closed cell foam for the job and better understand our products, we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions. If the answer to your question is not provided below, please feel free to contact one of our experts for advice.

What is Plastazote LD33?

Plastazote is the brand name given to a specialist form of closed cell foam manufactured by Zotefoam. Plastazote is a member of the Azote range of foams. The Azote range also includes foams such as Supazote and Evazote.

What Industries is Plastazote Used in?

Plastazote is utilised across a vast range of industries just a few examples include: thermoformed parts for automotive applications, seals and gaskets for various industrial purposes and protective padding for many different types of sportswear.

What Colours Do You Offer Plastazote in?

We can offer you Plastazote closed cell foam sheets in either black or white. Our sheets also come in a range of thicknesses from 5mm up to 50mm. Each sheet measures 200cm x 100cm.

Is Closed Cell Foam Water Resistant?

Plastazote has a very high resistance to water and is a popular material used in the production of flotation devices. This lightweight product also has a high chemical resilience and can be easily wiped clean.

Can Closed Cell Foam Be Cut?

Yes, providing you have the right equipment, you will be able to cut your sheets of closed cell foam to the desired size you need. We recommend using a straight, sharp blade such as a craft knife to cut your foam. Naturally, you should proceed with caution when handling any sharp object so as to avoid injury.

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