Foam Direct – Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Foam Direct is committed to operating in an environmentally friendly manner. Our environmental policy adheres in full to all relevant environmental laws and regulations.

We consistently work to reduce wastage and conduct business in an environmentally responsible way. Foam Direct is committed to the protection of the environment as well as its employees, customers and the general public. We welcome open discussions of our environmental practices and health and safety practices.

We aim to provide an exceptional service whilst minimizing waste produced during operations. Waste which is produced is always disposed of responsibly. All Foam Direct employees are committed to upholding these practices.

We Responsibly Dispose of Foam You Return to Us

At present, 98% of foam scrap produced by Foam Direct is reused and recycled.

If you have purchased foam from Foam Direct, we will be happy to dispose of it for you in a responsible manner.

This is a free of charge service. Please contact us to arrange a suitable time to deliver your old foam.

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