Packing Foam

We stock a range of packing foam sheets suitable for protecting your important items. Take a look at our closed-cell foam packaging and HLB packaging foam sheets below. If you’re interested in a custom foam insert for packaging purposes, please contact our team directly to discuss your options.

Whether it’s one item in need of protection or an entire line of goods, we’re here to help you find the perfect foam packaging.

If you need any assistance, our foam specialists are always willing to help. Give us a call on 01494 441177 or visit our contact page.

Packaging Foam Sheet – GB HLB (HL22 06 – RP21/250)

Packaging Foam Sheet – GB HLB (HL22 06 – RP21/250)

A lightweight, high-impact foam grade perfect for protecting your items. This packaging foam can be used to line flight cases, cardboard boxes, briefcases and much more. Not suitable for upholstery as it is not flame retardant.

Foam Sheet Size
Foam Thickness

PRICE: £24.98

Plastazote LD33 – White Closed Cell Foam

white plastazote

White Plastazote closed cell foam sheets have a variety of unique traits, making it popular for use throughout many industries. This is a thermoplastic polyethylene foam containing nitrogen filled cells.

Foam Sheet Size
Foam Thickness

PRICE: £29.99

Plastazote LD33 – Black Closed Cell Foam

black plastazote

Black Plastazote closed cell foam sheets have a variety of unique traits, making it popular for use throughout many industries. This is a thermoplastic polyethylene foam containing nitrogen filled cells.

Foam Sheet Size
Foam Thickness

PRICE: £29.99

Foam Direct – Your Packing Foam Supplier

packing foam

Foam Direct has been creating packing foam for more than 40 years. We understand what makes great quality foam packaging. All the foam grades we offer are selected for their standard of excellence and are sourced from leading manufacturers.

Every packing foam insert we sell is made here in the United Kingdom. When you buy from Foam Direct, you’re helping to support British manufacturing. We hold product quality in the highest regard and conform to ISO 9001 specifications. What’s more, all our packing foam, unless otherwise stated, exceeds UK Fire Safety regulations.

Anyone can benefit from our packaging foam services. If you’ve got items that need protecting, we’ll work to produce you the best foam packaging solution!

Foam Direct offers a next working day delivery service in the UK. Place your order before 11:00 AM Monday – Thursday to take advantage of this. If you need any assistance or advice regarding our services, please feel free to contact us.

Who we have worked with

Need packing foam cut to size or packaging foam sheets? We can help you! Above are just some of the companies who trust our expertise. We can help you the same way we helped them. Join the thousands of customers who have chosen Foam Direct and you can be utilising your new packing foam solution as quickly as tomorrow.

Different Types of Foam Packaging

We offer various types of foam packaging. If you’re unsure, which type of packing foam is right for you, take a look at the examples below. If you need further advice, our team is ready to assist you. We can advise on the best foam packaging for your intended application and answer other questions related to our services.

wave foam packaging

Wave Profile Packing Foam

Wave profile foam offers a superior solution to traditional egg-crate packing foam. Unlike egg crate foam, wave profile foam can easily be customised to suit your preferences. This is because of the way in which wave profile foam is created. Egg crate foam is essentially formed using a large metal roller. Wave profile foam on the hand is precision cut using foam cutting machinery.

anti static foam eggcrate foam

Anti-Static Foam Packaging

Sometimes referred to as ESD Foam, Anti-Static Foam is used to protect electrical equipment. Static charges which build through transit can damage electrical items. This type of packing foam is pink in colour and helps to protect items from static charges.

plastazote packing foam

Plastazote Packing Foam

Plastazote is a type of closed cell foam manufactured by Zotefoam. This packaging foam is praised for its durability amongst many other traits. It is an effective form of packaging foam which can be easily cut and shaped to preference.

coloured packing foam

Coloured Packaging Foam

We work with a variety of different foam colours here at Foam Direct. Sometimes you’ll want your packaging to both offer protection and stand out from the crowd. In certain circumstances, we can work with you to develop a line of colourful foam packaging.

foam crumb packaging

Foam Packing Crumb

Did you know that we recycle 98% of the foam offcuts we produce? Much of this is processed into foam crumb. Our foam crumb is made from entirely new offcuts. We offer a variety of mixes from pure memory foam crumb to a high-density blend. This can be used to fill out packaging boxes to offer extra levels of packaging foam protection.

packing foam sheets

Foam Packaging Sheets

We also offer foam sheets specifically for packaging purposes. These sheets can be used to line various containers such as briefcases, boxes and much more. Foam packaging sheets are available in rolls measuring 230 cm x 200 cm or 230 cm x 100 cm.

Types of Items Which Benefit From Packaging Foam

packing foam packaging

If an item is fragile, important, valuable or has sentimental value, chances are it can benefit from foam packaging. Here are just a few examples of types of items that can be packaged using foam.

  1. Lighting – Lighting is often made from both metal and glass. To prevent the glass from breaking or the metal from denting, protect it using foam. Lighting often contains electrical components, which if damaged can render it faulty. Foam packaging with good shock absorption can protect your lighting from this.
  2. Ceramics – Ceramics can be valuable or simply have sentimental value. These are almost always fragile items that need protection. Ceramics can easily become cracked or broken if not properly protected with packing foam.
  3. Art – Art can be big or small. It comes in various forms but almost always needs protection. After all, somebody has dedicated their time and talent in order to create it. Not all art is valuable, but each piece will certainly be important to somebody. Protect your precious artwork with foam packaging.
  4. Glass – It goes without saying that glass is fragile. Whether it’s a glass ornament or a glass screen on a piece of technology, foam packaging can help to protect it.
  5. Food – Food can benefit from the protection packaging foam offers. During delivery, many items of food are at risk of getting damaged or broken. This is especially beneficial for catering supply companies.
  6. Medical Items – Many medical items and tools are fragile or contain small parts. A well-constructed piece of foam packaging can help to protect these and prevent any loss of items.
  7. Appliances – Appliances large or small can be protected with packaging foam. Large appliances especially can become damaged during transit. The same applies to smaller appliances with fragile electrical components.
  8. Plastics – Some plastic is more fragile than others. Injection moulded pieces, for example, are at a greater risk of breaking. You can protect plastic items with foam packaging.
  9. Specialty Pieces – We can cut foam to practically any shape or size. If you have a specialty item in need of protection, we can work with you to provide the best packaging foam solution.

These are just a few examples of items that you can protect with foam packaging. If you would like to discuss the suitability of packing foam for your items, please contact a member of our packaging foam team.

Packaging Foam FAQs

To help you find the ideal foam packaging for your needs, we’ve put together a list of commonly asked questions. If you can’t see the question that you need answering below, please contact our team for assistance.

What Types of Packaging Foam Are There?

There are various types of packaging foam available to purchase, the most common of which are polyurethane foam, polyethylene foam and polystyrene. Here at Foam Direct, we can supply you with either polyurethane packaging foam or polyethylene closed cell foam.

Is Foam a Good Material for Packaging?

Yes, foam is a very good material for packaging a wide variety of things. Not only does it help to cushion the outer surroundings of your object, it can also be easily cut, making it a very practical and versatile option for protecting your goods.

Is it Easy to Cut Packaging Foam?

Yes, providing you have the appropriate tools to cut it, packing foam is relatively easy to cut down to size. If you require something more intricate and professionally cut (such as a custom foam insert) we may be able to help you. Please note that there will generally be a minimum order quantity for custom work such as this.

Does Foam Have Anti-Static Properties?

Not all foam is inherently anti-static, however, anti-static foam packaging does exist. This type of foam can usually be distinguished by its pink colouring. It is mostly used to protect sensitive electronic equipment from potentially harmful static charges.

What is HLB Packing Foam?

HLB Packing Foam is one of our most popular types of foam packaging. HLB stands for “High Load Bearing”. This foam can offer excellent protection for a variety of goods to help prevent damage in transit or storage.

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