Foam Offcuts – How We Recycle Them

Just as sawdust, oils, ash and feathers are by-products of their respective industries, foam offcuts are a by-product of foam conversion.

The necessity for sustainability remains prevalent in today’s modern age and recycling is more important than ever before. That’s why we at Foam Direct recycle 98% of the foam offcuts we produce. And, also why we continue to seek out new and innovative ways to benefit the environment through industry practices.

How Foam Offcuts are Produced

Before foam can be properly used for general applications, it must be converted into certain shapes. This is a service that we offer. By utilising advanced foam cutting machinery, we can cut foam to almost any shape or size required.

Foam arrives at our factory in larger blocks and from here we can use our factory equipment to cut it down to size. Naturally, this process sometimes results in various foam offcuts being produced. Foam offcuts vary in shape and size and can be made any foam grade that has been converted.

Turning Foam Offcuts into Foam Crumb

One of the most effective ways of recycling foam offcuts is to turn them into foam crumb. Foam crumb is simply shredded pieces of offcuts. We feed the offcuts into one end of a shredding machine (similar to a wood chipper) and collect the shredded pieces at the other end.

As a result, the foam crumb becomes a brand-new product made entirely from recycled materials. This product can then be used as a filling material for the likes of pillows and beanbags or to add additional protection to packaging.

Although it is possible to recycle used foam in this manner, it can be unhygienic to do so. We only ever crumb brand new foam offcuts collected during the foam conversion process.

Learn More About Our Environmental Policy

If you would like to learn more about our environmental policy, please visit our environmental policy page. You can also talk to us directly. We welcome open discussions on matters such as these and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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