Custom Bench Cushions

Whether indoors or outdoors, there’s no denying that custom bench cushions make furniture a lot more enjoyable to sit on. If you’re looking to buy foam cut to size for your furniture, you’re in the right place!

Why You Would Need Custom Bench Cushions

There are several reasons why you might need custom bench cushions. Perhaps you’ve made your own piece of furniture and need a foam cushion to finish it off? You may have even read our recent blog post on making pallet furniture.

Some pieces of furniture come with cushions as standard. Sadly, sometimes the quality of these isn’t good enough. For example, the covers could be filled with inferior materials such as synthetic fibers. Fiber-filled cushions are known to become misshapen after short periods of time.

It may be that you need some replacement cushions. Your old ones served you well, but it’s time for an upgrade.

Whatever the reason is, Foam Direct is here to help you get what you need!

Outdoor Custom Bench Cushions

If you’re looking to buy cushions for outdoor furniture, you may want to consider buying reticulated foam cushions.

Reticulated foam is a unique foam grade with open face cells. Its unique structure allows water to pass through it like a sieve. This results in the foam staying much drier than regular foam grades. Reticulated foam is often used for applications where it is likely to get wet, such as on boats.

If you often find that your bench cushions get caught in the rain reticulated foam could be perfect for you. It will help to prolong the life of your cushions and will drastically reduce drying times.

To buy reticulated foam cushions, simply select this grade as an option during the ordering process.

Ordering Foam for Custom Bench Cushions

Buying foam cut to size for custom bench cushions is simple with Foam Direct. It takes just 5 easy steps to get what you need.

Begin by selecting one of our templates. We have more than 20 to choose from and this even includes a custom option for further cushion shapes.

Afterward, you’ll have to input the measurements of your new bench cushions. You can give us these measurements in centimeters, millimeters or inches.

Following this, you will have the opportunity to select a foam grade. There are plenty of foam grades to choose from including reticulated foam.

Next is add-ons. This will allow you to add dacron and stockinette to your order. Dacron is a wadding that helps to fill out cushion covers and stockinette is a netting that helps to reduce friction. Essentially it makes it easier for you to insert and remove the foam from the cushion covers.

All that’s left after this is for you to place your order. If you didn’t know already, we offer a next working day delivery service. If you place your order before 11:00 am Monday – Thursday, you will qualify for this.

Be sure to contact us if you require any assistance with your order. Our team of professionals are always happy to assist you.

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