Boat Cushions & Mattresses

Foam Direct can create custom boat cushions and mattresses for you. From sailing boats to yachts, our expertise in foam conversion allows us to tailor-make foam products for you, no matter the shape or size you need.

We stock a wide variety of foam grades and can create boat mattresses and cushions to your required measurements.

Foam Direct has worked with some of the world’s most popular marine companies and boating businesses. Our custom cushions and mattresses can help you to transform the look and feel of your watercraft.

Below, you’ll find a collection of foam templates that are commonly used on boats. This includes a custom option, allowing for even more shapes. Choosing the custom option will allow you to upload or post your own template to us.

If you can’t find what you need or require assistance with anything else, then please contact us. We’ll be happy to advise on the best options to suit your requirements. Call us on 01494 441177 or follow the instructions on our contact page.

Step 1. Select Your Replacement Boat Cushions

Choose which shape most closely matches the type of boat cushion or mattress you are looking to replace. Can’t find the shape that you want? See our full range of foam templates or use the custom shape and upload a template at the checkout.

Choose Foam Direct for Boat Cushions & Mattresses!

boat cushion foam seating

Foam Direct has been converting boat cushions and mattresses for more than 40 years. Our UK based factory is equipped with some of the latest and most advanced foam cutting machinery. This allows us to create a whole host of foam products perfect for upgrading your boat.

We only ever use premium quality foam. All grades stocked are sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers in foam. They are specially picked for their superior performance and unique qualities. All our foam, unless otherwise stated, also exceeds UK Fire Safety regulations!

You help to support British manufacturing when buying from Foam Direct. Everything we manufacture is created here in the United Kingdom, by some of the country’s most talented foam cutters.

Foam Direct is ISO 9001 approved. This means that we operate to strict quality control specifications. All products are checked and monitored to help maintain the high-quality standards which we pride ourselves upon.

We offer a next working day delivery service. If your order is placed before 11:00 AM Monday – Thursday, we’ll process and dispatch it for delivery on the next working day!

If you need assistance, the Foam Direct team is here to help! Our experts can advise on the most suitable foam products for you. Call or email us today!

Who we have worked with

Need boat cushions or foam cut to size? We can help you! Above are just some of the companies who trust our expertise. We can help you the same way we helped them. Join the thousands of customers who have chosen Foam Direct and you can be sitting on your new boat cushions or sleeping on your new boat mattress as quickly as tomorrow.

Easily Rejuvenate Your Boat Cushions!

yacht foam cushions

Sourcing suitable boat cushions doesn’t always feel like a simple process. At Foam Direct, we want to change that. We want to make it as simple as possible for you to get the foam you need to rejuvenate your boat cushions.

Many manufacturers don’t consider the specialist requirements for those needing to replace boat cushions. Sometimes you’ll need cushions made to unconventional sizes or you made want them made from a unique grade of foam. We stock a variety of foam grades for you to choose from and can cut them to practically any shape of your choosing.

What’s particularly convenient is that the entire ordering process can be carried out online. You can place an order, at your leisure, during any time of the day.

If you do need any assistance though, we’re always happy to help. Our business hours are 9 AM – 5 PM Monday – Thursday and 9 AM – 3 PM on a Friday. Call us on 01494 441177 during these times to speak to a member of our team. If that doesn’t suit you, you can always send us a message via our contact page.

Reticulated Foam for Boat Cushions

boat deck bed foam

Reticulated Foam is an advanced type of foam that is commonly used near water. Unlike other types, this foam is unique since it can sieve water. This means that it can remain considerably drier when exposed to liquids. Its ability to do this derives from its mesh-like structure

Many types of foam absorb water, especially those used for seating and sleeping. When foam becomes wet, it’s no longer suitable for use until it dries. Foam that consistently gets wet is also likely to break down at an accelerated rate.

Normally this would be fine as mattresses and indoor cushions aren’t very likely to encounter water. The situation is different though when it comes to boats. You need a specialist foam that is resistant to water.

Buy Reticulated Foam at Foam Direct

Foam Direct is one of the few foam suppliers in the UK that stocks reticulated foam. If you need water-resistant boat cushions, we can manufacture them for you using this specialist foam grade.

Reticulated foam isn’t just used for boat cushions. It’s also often used to create outdoor furniture cushions that are at risk of getting wet. Poolside furniture such as sun loungers and cushions which could get rained on, can benefit from the unique properties of reticulated foam.

Ordering reticulated foam cushions follows the same process as ordering any other type of foam product from us.

Once you’ve selected the shape you require and input your measurements, you can select reticulated foam from the list provided.

Unsure whether reticulated foam is right for you? Why not speak to one of our experts? They can further discuss the benefits of reticulated foam, to help you make an informed decision.

Consider This When Taking Measurements!

measure sofa cushions

We don’t recommend taking measurements from old pieces of foam when replacing your boat cushions. This is because old foam can become worn out and won’t always provide you with accurate measurements.

It is best to measure the old cushion covers to create a template. You can easily enter your required measurements on our online calculator. This will also provide you with an instant quote for your new cushions.

If you require any assistance, just get in touch. We’re here to help!

Boat Cushions & Mattresses FAQs

To help you find the best foam for your boat cushions or boat mattress, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions by our customers, below. If you have any other questions or would like advice on ordering foam for your boat, please contact us.

What Type of Foam is Best for Boat Cushions?

Reticulated foam is very popular for making boat cushions. This is a unique type of foam with a wide-open cell structure, that allows water to flow freely through it. Because of its unique structure, reticulated foam is very fast drying. It also helps inhibit the growth of mould and fungus which may arise on regular pieces of wet foam.

Can Regular Foam Be Used to Make Boat Cushions?

Yes. If you would like to order a more traditional upholstery foam for your boat cushions, we can supply you with a range of suitable high density seating foams. Placing a foam cut to size order through our website is simple and we even offer a next working day delivery service. If you need any assistance, our team will be happy to help!

How Thick Should My Boat Foam Be?

The thickness of foam that you order for your boat will depend on the application that you’re ordering for. For example, most boat mattresses measure between 4 and 8 inches, whilst interior seat cushions tend to measure around 4 or 5 inches. Of course, this can vary between boat models and personal preferences. If you need any help deciding on an appropriate thickness for your boat foam, please contact us to speak to one of our experts.

Do You Offer Boat Cushion Covers?

We only supply cut to size foam for boat cushions (as well as Dacron and stockinette, should you require it). You may need to seek the services of a professional upholstery company if you require a cushion recovering service.

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