What is the Best Foam for Sofa Cushions?

What is the Best Foam for Sofa Cushions?

If you’re asking yourself “what is the best foam for sofa cushions?” We’re here to help! With plenty of unique foam grades to choose from, it may be difficult for you to decide on the perfect foam grade to suit your needs.

We’ve been manufacturing foam cushions for more than 40 years, so it’s safe to say that we know a fair amount about them. It takes just 5 simple steps to upgrade your sagging sofa cushions at Foam Direct. Before you do though, you’ll need to decide which foam to use for your sofa cushions.

What is the Best Foam For Sofa Cushions – We Recommend

Selecting an appropriate foam grade for your sofa cushions largely comes down to how thick you need your cushion foam to be. For example –

If you are ordering sofa cushions between 1” – 4” (2.5cm – 10cm) in thickness, it is advised to select a firmer feeling foam. Firmer foams in this thickness still have enough give to support you whilst you sit and retain the cushion shape for many years to come.

For sofa cushions over 4” (10cm) a medium feel foam will be suitable. This type of foam will compress more easily, but at this thickness will still be enough to properly support you while sitting.

If you’re ordering sofa back cushions, it is recommended to order a soft feel foam. Soft feel foams are great for replacing foam or fibre filled back cushions but are generally not suitable for seat cushions.

What is The Best Foam For Sofa Cushions – Replace Yours Today!

To replace your sofa cushions today, simply follow the 5 steps on our replacement sofa cushions page. If you require any assistance throughout the ordering process, please feel free to contact a member of our team for support.

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