How To Measure Foam Cushions

measure sofa cushions

How to Measure a Cushion

It’s easy to replace your sofa cushions at Foam Direct. Follow the simple steps below to learn how to measure a cushion and rejuvenate your sofa.

To get the best measurements for your foam cushions, it is advised to always use your current cushion covers where possible. Old cushion foam may have become misshapen and not provide accurate results.

First, measure along the cover seams from corner to corner. You should pull the cover taught to get the best fit. Ideally, you should measure the back and front of each cover as measurements may vary between sides.

Next, measure the depth, go from seam to seam. If piped, measure between them. The foam you order should be the size of the cover’s border width. Please factor that Dacron will add approximately 1cm to the top and bottom of your cushion.

Do not measure across the middle of the cushion. It may be domed and compromise your measurements.

Lastly, choose the correct shape from our templates and input your measurements.

Need Help?

If you need further assistance with how to measure a sofa cushion or anything else, please feel free to contact a member of our team.

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