Dacron & Stockinette

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Foam Direct allows you to add Dracon and stockinette to your order of foam cut to size. You may be unsure whether this is something that you’ll require. As such, we’ve put together a brief description of each to help you decide whether you should choose Dacron and stockinette.

What is Dacron (Wadding)?

fitting dacron

Dacron (also called wadding or batting) is a polyester material which is sometimes added to cushions to give them greater loft. Wadding is bonded to the top and bottom of cushions. This helps to fill out cushion covers, thus creating a better fit for your cushions.

If you are ordering replacement sofa cushions, you could benefit from including wadding to your order. It is relatively inexpensive to add dacron to your order and the benefits far outweigh the extra cost. If you are adding wadding to your order, stockinette should also be included.

What is Stockinette?

fitting stockinette

If you choose to include dacron with your order, you will also have stockinette included. Stockinette can be added without wadding, but it is not possible to include wadding without stockinette.

We do this because stockinette reduces the amount of friction produced between the wadding and the cushion cover. Without it fitted, your cushion can become damaged and misshapen with frequent use.

Stockinette is a type of netting which is fitted over the entirety of the cushion. Because of the fragile nature of it, it is easy to snag or ladder. These are minor cosmetic imperfections which can occur through general use and does not inhibit its performance. Please note, we are unable to offer refunds based on cosmetic damage caused to Dacron and/or stockinette.

Stockinette makes it much easier to insert and remove cushion form their covers. This is especially beneficial for washing cushion covers.

Please Note Before Ordering!

Adding dacron to your order will increase the depth of your cushion by approximately 1cm on both the top and bottom. Please take this into consideration before placing your order.

There are size limitations for the fitting of stockinette. The maximum size for foam which we can fit it to is 135 cm x 160 cm. Please contact us before purchasing if you are unsure whether your order will meet these requirements.

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