Caravan Cushions & Foam Mattresses

Whether you own a static caravan or a mobile one, Foam Direct can provide you with custom-made caravan cushions or a caravan mattress. If you want to improve comfort in your caravan, simply follow the 5 steps below to order caravan foam cut to size and shape.

Below you’ll find 10 foam templates that are suitable for use with caravans. This includes a custom option for other shapes that we don’t offer as standard. Choose this option if you have a template you would like us to work with.

Need any assistance? We’re here to help. Call a member of our team on 01494 441177 or visit our contact page.

Step 1. Select Your Replacement Caravan Cushions

Choose which shape most closely matches the type of caravan cushion or caravan mattress you are looking to replace. Can’t find the exact shape you’re looking for? Use the custom shape and upload photos at the checkout.

Upgrade Your Caravan Today!

carvan foam

We can replace your old, worn out and uncomfortable caravan mattress and caravan cushions with high-quality foam ones. You provide the measurements and we’ll take care of the rest. Our caravan cushion foam exceeds UK Fire Safety regulations and will provide you with comfort for years to come.

We can also create you a bespoke caravan mattress. Due to the shape of many caravans, an irregular shaped mattress is often required. We can create a caravan mattress in a shape of your choice. This will allow you to utilise more space and sleep comfortably.

It’s easy to order foam cut to size from Foam Direct. We stock a wide range of foam grades for you to choose from. Once you’ve provided us with accurate measurements, we can create caravan cushions or a caravan mattress using the foam you select. You even have the option to add dacron and stockinette to your order.

Better yet, we offer a next working day delivery service in the UK! Place your order before 11:00 AM Monday – Thursday to qualify for this.

Who we have worked with

Need a caravan mattress or foam cut to size? We can help you! Above are just some of the companies who trust our expertise. We can help you the same way we helped them. Join the thousands of customers who have chosen Foam Direct and you can be sitting on your new caravan cushions or sleeping on your new caravan mattress as quickly as tomorrow.

Buy a Bespoke Caravan Mattress & Caravan Cushions

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We’ve been supplying foam cut to size for more than 40 years! Our factory is equipped with some of the latest foam cutting machinery and is situated here in the United Kingdom. That means that when you purchase from us, you’re directly helping to support British manufacturing.

Foam Direct is ISO 9001 approved. This means that everything we create must be manufactured to strict quality control specifications. All products created by Foam Direct are thoroughly checked to ensure that they meet our high-quality standards. We’re here to cut foam, not corners.

From high density seating foam to memory foam, we stock a variety of foam grades. Choose from our vast selection and have the ideal caravan mattress custom made to your liking. All of our foam unless otherwise stated exceeds UK Fire Safety regulations. You can be assured that foam products bought from us are entirely safe for use.

With a next working day delivery service, you can be sleeping on your new caravan mattress before your weekend getaway!

Want to know more about our services? Our dedicated team of foam experts are here to support you. Get in touch today to see how we can help you!

Upgrading Your Caravan Mattress & Caravan Cushions

Does your caravan mattress and caravan cushions need upgrading? With Foam Direct it’s simple to revitalise your caravan cushions and mattress to make them comfortable again. Soon enough you’ll be relaxing on brand new foam, custom cut to your preference.

5 Simple Steps to Upgrade Your Caravan or Campervan

campervan foam cushions

That’s right, it only takes 5 simple steps to get the foam you need. Providing you place your order before 11:00 AM Monday – Thursday, we can even dispatch it for delivery on the next working day!

Step one involves selecting from our list of foam templates. We have 25 templates to choose from. That even includes a custom option for plenty more unique shapes. Once you’ve selected which shape you’d like, you can move onto step 2.

For step 2, you’ll need to input your required foam measurements. This includes the length, width and height. You can input these measurements in cm, mm or inches. Whichever you prefer. Later you’ll be given the option to add Dacron and stockinette. If you opt for these, remember that they add approximately 1cm to the top and bottom of your cushions. Factor this in when inputting your measurements.

Step 3 lets you choose your foam type. We have a number of foam grades suitable for seating and sleeping applications. Each foam type is accompanied by a description which can help you to make the right decision. If you’re unsure about which foam to choose, feel free to contact us.

As previously mentioned, step 4 allows you to include stockinette and Dacron. Dacron helps to fill out cushion covers, giving your cushions more loft. Stockinette is a netting which goes over your cushions. It makes it easier to insert foam cushions back into their covers, as well as remove them.

Finally, all that’s left for you to do is place your order. Once your order has been confirmed, our team gets to work creating your caravan mattress or seat cushion order. Don’t forget that we offer next working day delivery. Order before 11:00 AM Monday – Thursday to qualify.

Caravan Cushions & Campervan Mattresses FAQs

If you have questions about ordering foam cut to size for caravan cushions, a campervan mattress or something else, we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions. If you still can’t find the answer that you’re looking for her, please feel free to contact us.

What Foam is Best for a Campervan Mattress?

Whether you’re ordering a campervan or a caravan mattress, if you want to sleep comfortably, choosing the right type of foam is very important. Although preferences will vary, we generally find that the best combination of foam for a mattress is a medium feel foam (approx. 10cm) with a memory foam topper (approx. 5cm). We can even laminate these two layers together for you if you specify this within the ordering instructions.

What Shape Should My Caravan Mattress Be?

You’ll be able to gauge the shape of your caravan mattress by referring to your current one or the space it will be placed into. Many caravan mattresses are shaped uniquely and have a corner cut away. We provide this shape as a standard template option (Caravan Mattress Corner Cut). There are also many other shapes to choose from. This includes a custom option if none of the other templates match what you require. The custom option will allow you to upload your own template or send a physical one in the post.

What Shape Should My Caravan Cushions Be?

Just like the dedicated caravan mattress shape that we offer, we also offer a unique shape suitable for caravan cushions (Caravan Cushion Foam). If the caravan cushions you require are shaped like this, please select this option when placing your order. Alternatively, you can refer to our other collection of shapes, including a custom option that will enable you to provide your own template for us to work with.

Can You Upholster My Caravan Cushions?

We offer the ability to order the foam you need cut to your desired size and shape but do not offer a caravan cushion upholstery service. If you are unable to recover the cushions yourself, we would recommend speaking to a professional upholsterer to carry out any required work.

How Much Do Foam Caravan Cushions Cost?

The price you pay for your foam, whether it be a campervan mattress, caravan cushions or something else, will depend on the type of foam and the amount you need. Our website makes it easy to input your requirements. Do this and you’ll be given an instant online quote. If you have any questions about placing your order, please feel free to contact us.

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