Pallet Furniture – 5 Ways to Upcycle Your Wooden Pallets

Making pallet furniture is a fun, efficient and cheap way to stylishly fill out your home. Wooden pallets have much more furniture making potential than you may think.

Today, we’re going to look at 5 unique ideas to help you get inspired. We’ll also cover how you can get custom made foam cushions to help make your pallet furniture especially comfortable.

Where to Find Pallets for Pallet Furniture

You don’t necessarily have to go out and buy brand new pallets for your pallet furniture. In fact, it’s much better to find used ones. After all, this is an upcycling project.

Utilising used pallets is often a free alternative depending on where and who you source your pallets from.

Local businesses are a great way to find used wooden pallets, especially if the business deals in heavy, bulky or large quantities of certain items.

Many businesses receive their goods via loaded pallets. It’s then the responsibility of the business to properly dispose of the pallets. You may even be doing business owners a favour by offering to take the wooden pallets off their hands for free.

Of course, if you really are stuck for finding used pallets, there are plenty of places that will sell some to you. Plus, the good news is that they’re generally inexpensive.

Pallet Garden Seating

Pallet garden seating is perhaps the most popular form of pallet furniture. Generally, garden seating can be quite expensive to buy and unless you happen to live in the perfect climate, you won’t even get to use it all year round.

Pallet garden seating is a cheap and effective solution to kitting out your garden. Plus, it’s completely versatile. You can make your seating in any way you please. High, low, long, short. Whatever suits you and your garden best.

Pallet Picnic Bench

Pallet picnic tables are another great addition to any garden, especially if you have kids.

A lot of kids love to eat lunch outdoors. With a pallet picnic bench in your garden, it will be easier, more comfortable and more enjoyable for them to do so. Also, it helps to keep the ants away.

Making a pallet picnic bench might take a little more technical know-how, but there are plenty of tutorials out there for you to try out.

Pallet Bed Frame

Let’s move away from the garden for a moment and bring some pallet furniture inside. Ever considered sleeping on a pallet bed frame? Honestly, it hadn’t crossed our minds either, but it has for some.

A good, sturdy set of wooden pallets can make for an ideal and cost-effective bed base. And, if you want to completely go for a custom-made bed, we can cut the foam for you.

That means you can have a bed frame and a mattress in the perfect size for your bedroom. Just remember that a made to measure mattress will need unconventionally sized sheets and covers.

Pallet Coffee Table

Even if you don’t drink coffee, there’s no denying that coffee tables come in handy. Where also would you put the tv remote and display all those scented candles you’ve accumulated? Making a coffee table out of pallets is simple and looks fantastic! Why not give it a try?

Pallet Bar

This one can be used inside or outside. If you really feel like challenging yourself, try making your very own bar out of wooden pallets! It’ll make for a great conversation piece and will add a whole new element to your house/garden. Plus, it’s likely much cheaper than buying a premade bar.

Make Your Pallet Furniture Super Comfy

If you’re thinking of making seating or a bed frame out of your wooden pallets, you’re going to need something comfy to rest on. Pallet furniture may look great, but really the padding is the finishing touch.

Luckily, we specialise in foam conversion and can cut foam to any size or shape you need. Simply visit our foam cut to size page and follow our 5 simple steps. It’s quick and easy to do.

As a bonus, we offer next working day delivery. Be sure to order before 11:00 am Monday – Thursday to take advantage of this.

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