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Mattresses come in lots of different sizes. From Single to Super King, there’s plenty of choices. But sometimes set sizes aren’t good enough. Sometimes you need a made to measure mattress.

Why Buy a Made to Measure Mattress?

There are a few reasons that you might need a made to measure mattress. Some people buy a custom size mattress to fit in less conventional spaces. A boat cabin or campervan are good examples of where a custom mattress might be used. You may also own an irregularly sized bed frame or be making a unique custom bed.

The great thing about buying a custom-sized mattress is that you have complete control over how it is made. It’s more than a custom size mattress, it’s a tailor-made mattress. You not only get to choose the shape and dimensions; you even get to choose which foam you want it to be made of.

Custom Size Mattress – Choosing Your Foam

The thing about having a custom mattress made is that you can choose whatever foam you like to make it. However, that’s not to say you necessarily should go wild with your choices.

Choosing an unsuitable foam grade could lead to a pretty disappointing mattress. So, here are some things to consider when making choices for your made to measure mattress.

Memory Foam

We all know how popular memory foam mattresses are. Manufacturers have been using memory to enhance mattress comfort since the early ’90s.

Being called a memory foam mattress, you may expect the mattress to exclusively contain memory foam. This generally isn’t the case though. Memory foam is usually used as an additional top layer to enhance comfort. It’s too soft to sleep on alone. You really need a firmer support layer of foam underneath to create a great mattress.

Choosing Your Support Layer

The support layer of foam makes up the majority of a mattress. Most are around 15cm deep and made of a medium-firm, high density foam.

Custom Mattresses – Foam Cut to Size

Ordering foam cut to size is quick and easy through our website. There’re just 5 simple steps for you to follow.

Choose Template

First thing’s first, you need to select a foam shape. We have over 20 standard templates to choose from and also offer a custom option if you need something different.

Input Measurements

Now your shape has been chosen, you will need to give us the measurements of your mattress. Input these into the designated boxes using cm, mm or inches.

Choose Foam

Now you can choose which type of foam you would like us to use. If you’re unsure of which to pick, check the descriptions. If you’re still unsure, a member of our team will be happy to lend a hand.

Select Addons

Now you can choose whether to include dacron & stockinette. This is generally used for replacement cushions, so it will likely not apply to you here.

Place Order

Finally, you just need to place your order. Wasn’t that easy! And if you place your order Monday – Thursday before 11:00 am, we’ll dispatch it for delivery on the next working day.

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