How to Make Cushions Covers – Envelope Covers

The great thing about learning how to make cushion covers is that you can completely customise the style to your preference. Although there are plenty of options when it comes to buying cushions, nothing beats making your own.

Today, we’re going to learn how to make cushion covers in an envelope style. This is a relatively simple project which won’t require too much prior skill or knowledge.

Making Cushion Covers – What You Need

The first thing you’ll need before starting to make your cushion covers is a cushion form. This could be a cushion form you already own or one that you’ve made yourself. If you are making one yourself, consider using foam crumb to fill your cushion form. This is a comfy and effective replacement for fiber or feather filled cushion forms.

You’ll also need to choose an appropriate fabric for your new cushion covers. Although you can buy fabric online, it’s always better to see it in person before you buy it. Remember, even if you like the look of a fabric, you may not like the feel of it.

You’ll also need basic sewing supplies and a sewing machine to make this envelope cover.

How to Make Cushion Covers – Envelope Pillow

To work out how much fabric you’ll need, measure your cushion form. Your fabric needs to have a 3cm allowance along the width for a seam. If, for example, the width of your cushion form is 27cm, your fabric should be 30cm. To calculate the length of the fabric, you’ll need to double the width and add an extra 10cm. So, with the example given, if the width is 30cm, the length will be 70cm. Mark these measurements on your fabric and cut the shape out.

To make the hem, at the shortest edges of the fabric, make a quarter-inch fold. Press down the fabric and then repeat the fold once again. Now, straight stitch along both sides.

Lay your fabric down with the inside of the pattern facing towards the ceiling. Fold from both the left and right sides to create a square. You can position the overlap where you please. Once you’re happy, pin the seams into place. After this, stitch along the bottom and top seams whilst leaving an allowance of half an inch.

The last step is to turn your pillow cover back the right way and to insert your pillow form. Congratulations, you’ve made your first envelope cushion cover. Repeat as necessary!

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