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Is it just us or has this winter felt particularly long? Well, warm weather is on the horizon and you know what that means. It’s almost time to head outside and enjoy the sunshine. And what better way to enjoy the sunny weather than on some custom foam outdoor cushions?

Choosing the Right Foam for Your Outdoor Cushions

There are a lot of foam grades out there. And we should know; we work with enough of them. So, when it comes to selecting the right grade of foam for your outdoor cushions, things can feel a little confusing. There’s no need to fret though, we’re here to help you find the best foam possible for your cushions.

We stock a variety of foam grades suitable for sitting on. Which one you choose will depend on the type of cushion you’re after and of course, your personal preferences.

When choosing foam for your cushions, the first thing to remember is that the softest foam won’t necessarily be the comfiest. It may be tempting to select a grade such as memory foam, but this alone won’t give you the correct level of support. Instead, it’s better to choose a medium or hard-feeling foam.

We stock two types of medium feel foams and two types of hard feel foams that are suitable for seat cushions. You can choose between the Average or the Luxury grades. Either will feel similar in terms of firmness, however, the luxury options are the higher specification foam grades.

Looking for a foam grade that can hold up well in wet conditions? You may want to consider reticulated foam for your outdoor cushions. This is a unique foam grade with a mesh-like appearance. Incredibly, it allows water to pass through it like a sieve, thus helping to keep it dry. It’s perfect for cushions near swimming pools or those at risk of getting wet from rainfall.

Do You Supply Cushion Covers?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer cushion covers as part of our service. If you are replacing your current cushions, you may be able to reuse the cover you already have. Alternatively, you may be able to buy new cushion covers. If you’re buying new covers, make sure to check whether the foam you’re ordering will fit inside them.

Buying Foam for Outdoor Cushions

Buying foam for outdoor cushions is easy with Foam Direct. To get what you need, all you have to do is follow the five simple steps starting on our homepage.

  1. Choose a foam shape from our selection of templates. There’s even a custom option!
  2. Input your required measurements.
  3. Choose your foam grade.
  4. Choose whether you would like to include dacron and stockinette.
  5. Place your order.

It’s that simple. And better yet, if you place your order before 11:00 am Monday – Thursday, we’ll dispatch it for delivery on the next working day.

If you have any questions at all about ordering foam for your outdoor cushions, please feel free to contact us directly. Our team of experts are always happy to assist.

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