Cheap Foam Vs High Quality Foam

Everybody loves a bargain! Although sometimes, when you buy cheap, you buy twice. Thankfully, that’s not the case with Foam Direct! We’ve got cheap foam, but only by price; not by quality.

We regularly review our foam prices to ensure that they stay competitive and all whilst never sacrificing the quality of the foam you’re receiving. So, whether you’re looking for foam sheets, foam cut to size, or some off-the-shelf foam products, you can rest assured that you’re the best quality at the best price with Foam Direct.

What to Look for in Quality Foam Over Cheap Foam

What you want most from a piece of foam is one that provides the desired level of comfort and support, whilst doing so for many years to come. A grade of foam that feels ideal at first, could quickly become a nuisance if it’s poor quality.

Over time, all types of foam will wear down, deform and degrade, however, some will do so much quicker than others. You may think that you’re getting a great deal on a piece of foam, but ultimately end up spending more when it needs replacing sooner than a high-quality piece of foam would.

The density of a piece of foam plays an integral role in its longevity. With general use, a high-density piece of foam will last considerably longer than one with a lower density. The majority of foam grades we offer at Foam Direct are considered high density. This means that they will last longer than cheap foam grades.

You’ll also want to consider fire safety when it comes to foam. Some foam that is imported from foreign countries may not adhere to the high fire safety standards the UK upholds. This is especially important to consider if you are a professional selling an upholstered product. Aside from the foam grades suitable for outdoor use (reticulated foam), all of the grades we stock exceed UK Fire Safety standards.

Do High Density Foams Feel Harder?

It’s a common misconception that high density foams feel hard. In reality, these two attributes are not mutually exclusive. A high-density grade of foam can be made to feel hard, soft, or somewhere in-between.

So, don’t worry about buying a cushion that feels too hard based on a foam’s density rating. Instead, take note of its “Hardness” range to get a better idea. Foam specification tables often also include a “Feel” class to make it even easier for the buyer to know how a piece of foam is likely to feel to them.

If you have any questions about any of the grades of foam that we stock, please feel free to contact us directly by visiting the contact page.

Buy Cheap Foam at Foam Direct & Avoid Disappointment

Don’t be disappointed by poor quality cheap foam. Get yours at Foam Direct and buy a cheap foam that’s also high-quality! Whether you need foam sheets or foam cut to size, you’ll find exactly what you need right here.

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