Dyno Cell Acoustic Foam – Acoustic Treatment for Engine Tuning Rooms

When you’re tuning and putting an engine through its paces, things can get loud; really loud! If you need acoustic treatment for your Dyno Cell, Foam Direct can help you!

What is a Dyno Cell?

A Dyno cell is an area dedicated to engine tuning and testing. Its primary function is to provide a suitable environment for engine tuning/mapping. Inside the dyno cell is the equipment needed to tune an engine such as a rolling road.

What is a Rolling Road?

A rolling road (or chassis dynamometer if you want to get technical) is a mechanical device used to monitor power transferred to the drive roller from the wheels of a vehicle. The vehicle intended to be tested is strapped to the rollers of the rolling road. When the engine is powered, the wheels turn the rollers and the overall output is then able to be measured.

This is the key component inside dyno cells as it enables testers to monitor the technical potential of a car, whilst it remains motionless and then performs any required adjustments or modifications.

There are many types of rolling roads able to measure a wide variety of variables. Some basic rolling road modes include:

  • Road Load Simulation – Simulation of specified road types.
  • Force Constant – A mode allowing the dynamometer to hold a specified force whilst disregarding other parameters.
  • Velocity Constant – A mode allowing the dynamometer to maintain a certain speed whilst disregarding other parameters.

Dyno Cell Acoustic Foam

We might not be experts in engine tuning, but we have been converting foam since 1976. As such, we absolutely know what it takes to provide our customers with quality acoustic treatment. Our acoustic foam products are designed and manufactured, in-house, by our team of experts.

We use premium specification acoustic foam to create our acoustic tiles, bass traps and corner cubes. Each piece has a greater than industry average NRC (noise reduction coefficient) rating and all are manufactured to ISO 9001 quality control standards. You can also choose from a variety of colours including grey, red and blue.

Class 0 Acoustic Foam

We can offer you a range of Class 0 acoustic foam products. Class 0 foam offers the highest possible level of fire resistance for any flexible acoustic foam. It is suitable for use in a wide variety of commercial and industrial environments. This particular type of foam is black in colour and can come fitted with an adhesive backing for easy application. Fireseal Class 0 foam is now available on our website, however, you can also contact our team to learn more about the high-fire-resistance foam and other products we have to offer.  Please visit our contact page to send our team a message.

Speak to Our Team

If you have any questions about our acoustic foam products for dyno cells, one of our expert members of staff will gladly assist you. Call us on 01494 441177 or email sales@foamdirect.co.uk.

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