Foam Padding – Foam for Comfort, Packaging & Acoustic Treatment

Foam padding can be used for many different applications and is utilised through a variety of industries.

From furniture manufacturing to retail packaging, this versatile material comes in all shapes and sizes and offers plenty of benefits.

Foam Padding – Foam For Comfort

One of the most common uses for foam padding is for comfort. When we talk about using foam for comfort, we’re referring to cushions, mattresses, seat pads and more.

We manufacture foam products for the purpose of comfort on a daily basis. This includes replacement sofa cushions, dining chair seat pads, campervan cushions, boat mattresses and much more.

Need foam for comfort purposes? Why not use our foam cut to size service? It’s quick and easy to do. All it takes is 5 simple steps.

First, select which shape you would like your foam to be. Then, input your required measurements.

After that, you’ll get the option to choose which foam grade you’d like us to use.

The next step is addons. Here, you can decide whether you’d like to include dacron and stockinette with your foam padding.

Once this is finished, all you need to do is confirm your order. Orders placed before 11:00 am Monday – Thursday are dispatched for delivery on the next working day.

Foam Padding – Foam For Packaging

We also supply foam padding for packaging applications. Whatever item you need protection for, we stock the ideal foam grade.

From HLB to Plastazote closed cell foam sheets, the foam grades we’ve carefully selected are perfect for protecting your property.

We can even create custom foam trays and inserts. House and protect tools, electronics, retail goods, promotional items and much more.

For more information on foam for packaging, visit our dedicated packing foam page.

Foam Padding For Acoustic Treatment

So, we’ve talked about padding furniture and lining cases, but what about padding walls? Acoustic foam is a type of foam used to improve room acoustics. It achieves this by softening hard reflective surfaces that are likely to create sound distortion.

When indirect sound waves strike acoustic foam, a certain level of the energy contained within the wave is absorbed. This inhibits the ability for the sound wave to travel as far, thus helping to improve sound quality.

We stock a variety of acoustic foam products including wedge tiles, bass traps and corner cubes. All our acoustic foam products are currently available in three distinct colours. These include a classic Studio Grey, Volcanic Red and an Electric Blue. Stick to one colour or mix and match to your preference.

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