Making a Foam Camping Mat

Camping. Is there a better way to take in the natural beauty of the world? There’s something quite liberating about leaving behind your home comforts and spending time in the great outdoors. Well, at least, most of our home comforts. You still need a comfy place to rest. Why not catch some Z’s on a custom-made foam camping mat?

The Best Foam to Use for a Camping Mat

Plastazote closed cell foam makes for a great sleeping mat material. With cells blown with nitrogen, this is a flexible yet extremely durable grade of foam. It can also be easily cut and shaped to your preference.

Plastazote is non-toxic and won’t irritate your skin. It’s also highly resistant to a variety of chemicals including most acids, alkalis, oils and solvents.

And that’s not all. Plastazote is water resistant and has a good ultraviolet stability. It really is the foam that keeps on giving; it’s perfect for making your very own sleeping mat.

Other Foam to Use

Memory foam is well known for its level of comfort and the idea of a memory foam camping mat likely sounds divine to many.

While memory foam is extremely comfortable, if you’re looking to build a sleeping mat from it, it would be a good idea to invest in a base support layer of foam.

By laying memory foam over a firm base layer of foam, you’ll be getting the support you need as well as all the comfort that memory foam brings.

You could even put a layer of memory foam over a base layer of Plastazote. This will help to protect the underside of your memory foam sleeping mat.

Be aware that memory foam isn’t exactly weatherproof. If it gets wet, it’ll likely take a long time to dry and it won’t be nice to sleep on. It would be a good idea to cover your mat with a water-resistant material.

Buying Foam for a Custom-Made Camping Mat

We stock many unique grades of foam here at Foam Direct. This includes sheets of Plastazote LD33 in black & white, memory foam sheets and we can even offer you memory foam cut to size.

Ordering the foam you need is simple. All you need to do is follow 5 quick and easy steps.

First, select one of the 22 templates from our foam cut to size page. You can even select the custom option for more shapes. We recommend choosing the sofa cushion template, but providing that it’s possible to cut, it’s up to you.

Afterward, you’ll need to input your required measurements in cm, mm or inches. Following that you’ll be able to pick the type of foam you’d prefer.

The next step is add-ons. Add-ons include dacron and stockinette. These are primarily used for seat cushions, so you likely won’t want this.

Finally, you just need to place your order. All orders placed before 11:00 am Monday – Thursday are dispatched for delivery on the next working day.

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