What is High Density Foam?

High density foam is used for many different things. From mattresses to cushions and case inserts, you may not always see it, but chances are you use it daily. The cell structure of this foam is very compact. It is known to be hard-wearing and sturdy.

Many people believe that the density of foam and its firmness are directly related. This is not the case. Foam with a high density can feel firm or soft. The way we determine density is via its weight per cubic foot.

Calculating Density

The way to calculate the density of a piece of foam is to divide its weight by the value of the length, width and height multiplied. The calculation looks like this –

Weight ÷ Width x Height x Length = Density

Density is generally determined by measuring one cubic foot of a piece of foam. To classify as high density, the calculation must be more than 6 pounds per cubic foot.

High density foam generally lasts longer than foam with a lower density. For this reason, it is often used to make cushions in high-quality pieces of furniture. The higher the density, the heavier the foam. Because of the greater volume of compressed material, it breaks down at a slower rate.

We stock a wide variety of foam grades with high densities. When ordering foam cut to size, you will be able to choose from multiple different types to suit your preference.

Find out More About our High Density Foam

If you have any questions about our foam grades, a member of our team will be glad to assist you. We can cut foam to your desired shape and size. If you are replacing your sofa cushions and are unsure how to take accurate measurements, be sure to read our cushion measuring guide.

Why Choose Foam Direct?

We’ve been converting foam for more than 40 years and have supplied foam products to some of the world’s most popular brands. Customers use our service daily for a whole host of reasons. From purchasing replacement sofa cushions to buying foam for acoustic treatment, whatever you need, we’ll do everything we can to help.

Our foam products are made to ISO 9001 quality control standards. Unless otherwise stated all of our foam grades also exceed UK Fire Safety regulations. Our foam grades are all specially selected for their superior performance. They are sourced from leading manufacturers worldwide. The quality of our products are assured and we offer a 5-year guarantee against manufacturing errors.

We offer a next working day delivery service, making us one of the fastest suppliers of foam online, in the UK. If you need any assistance with ordering or would like to learn more about the services we offer contact us today. One of our experts can advise on the most suitable foam grades for your applications and provide answers to your foam related questions.

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