Fire Retardant Foam – UK Fire Safety Standards

When it comes to foam, we’re committed to offering our customers the very best! That’s precisely why we only ever use the highest quality materials sourced from the world’s most trusted manufacturers. Our fire retardant foam exceeds UK Fire Safety standards. So, not only will it keep you comfortable, it will keep you safe!

What is Fire Retardant Foam?

The flammability standard of foam can vary drastically depending on the grade. While some applications present smaller risks, others must offer higher levels of resistance in the event of a fire.

The required level of fire resistance often differs depending on the environment that the foam is being used.

There are many different UK fire safety tests. These all require foam and other materials to fulfil a criterion. Let’s look at a few examples.

UK Fire Safety Regulations of Foam

Depending on the recommended application, foam grades need to conform to certain fire safety standards.

For example, foam used for certain industrial applications (such as acoustic foam) would need to conform to UL94 flammability standards. UL94 compliant foam can be used for soundproofing applications, as engine filters, for seals and gaskets and more.

Meanwhile, foam used for padding pieces of furniture must comply with The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 (as amended).

This regulation states that furniture filling materials must adhere to the outlined ignition requirements.

Also, that materials used for upholstery filling applications must be cigarette resistant, while covers must be match resistant.

Plus, it states that display labels must be fitted to all new pieces of furniture sold (barring some).

And finally, that a five-year record of compliance must be upheld by the upholstered furniture’s initial supplier.

There are many types of fire safety tests that products must adhere to depending on the nature of it. These are just a couple of examples of fire retardant tests that are used in the UK. Other examples are FMVSS302 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard), Class 0 and HF-1.

It’s worth noting that flammability standards can vary depending on which country the products are manufactured and used in. On average, the UK maintains a high standard when testing for fire retardant foam.

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With so many tests and regulation compliances, it can sometimes be difficult to know which foam you’ll need for the task at hand.

If you’re unsure about a certain grade of foam for your intended application, feel free to contact us directly. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are always happy to offer their assistance. Call us on 01494 441177 or fill out the form on our contact page.

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