Replacement Sofa Cushions for DFS, SCS & More!

We’ve been making foam cushions for a long time. And we’ve learned that high-quality, replacement foam cushions make a big difference to the look and feel of your sofa. Almost every home has a sofa and there’s plenty of places to buy them these days. You may have bought yours from DFS, SCS or somewhere else. Wherever you bought yours, if you’re in need of replacement sofa cushions, you’ll find them here!

Do I Need Replacement Sofa Cushions?

When deciding if you need replacement sofa cushions, you should first work out what is currently inside your cushions. Sofa cushions can be filled with many different materials from feathers to foam.

Many sofa cushions are filled with synthetic polyester fiber. This is a cheaper cushion filling that doesn’t tend to last as long as the other alternatives. It is the same material used to fill a variety of bed pillows.

If your sofa cushions are filled with this, you may find that they often look misshapen. You may also need to plump them regularly to keep up their appearance.

Fiber cushions have a short lifespan and begin to sag with frequent use. Unfortunately, many people do not realise this when they initially purchase their sofa.

If, for example, you’ve bought a DFS sofa with fiber-filled cushions, they likely looked and felt perfectly fine to begin with. It’s only after regular use that cushions such as these begin to sag and look misshapen.

But don’t fret. There is a solution to your sofa cushion woes. Simply replace your sagging sofa cushion filling with high-quality foam.

Foam Cushions for DFS, SCS & More!

Ordering replacement sofa cushions from Foam Direct is easy. It only takes 5 simple steps to get what you need. We’ve helped to upgrade countless numbers of sofas throughout our years in business and yours could be next!

To begin with, you’ll need to select the template which best suits your needs. We have many different shapes to choose from and even have a custom option if you require it.

Afterward, you’ll be asked to input your required measurements. This data can be input using cm, mm or inches. Try to be as accurate as possible. If you’re unsure how to measure for foam cushions, check out our easy to follow guide. You can also contact us directly if you require assistance.

The next step is to choose which foam grade you’d like. We stock many different types of foam. Again, if you’re unsure which you’ll need, check the accompanying descriptions or contact us.

Following this, you’ll have the option to include add-ons such as dacron and stockinette. These are especially beneficial for replacement sofa cushions and we highly recommend that you include them.

Finally, you just need to place your order. Foam Direct offers a next working day delivery service. This means that if you place your order before 11:00 am Monday – Thursday, we’ll dispatch it for delivery on the next working day.

Speak to Our Team

Want to discuss replacing your sofa cushions with our team? Get in touch today and we’ll be glad to assist you. Fill out the form on our contact page and one of our experts will respond to you as soon as possible.

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  1. I would like a price to replace my ScS Harry 3seater standard back seat cushions 29 inch x 33 inch with foam. They have been out and put more stuffing in but useless. Also do you have the covers (charcoal)

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