Curved L Shape Sofa Foam

It’s easy to replace your sofa cushions at Foam Direct. Follow the simple steps below to get the cushion foam you need to rejuvenate your sofa.

Step 2. Measure Your Curved L Shape Sofa Foam & Enter Below

We stock a wide variety of foam grades suitable for many different applications. You can choose from 25 unique foam templates or create your own shape using our customisable option.

Enter Dimensions

curved l cushion foam cut to size

How To Measure Your Sofa Cushion Foam

To get the best measurements for your foam cushions, it is advised to always use your current cushion covers where possible. Old cushion foam may have become misshapen and not provide accurate results.

First, measure along the cover seams from corner to corner. You should pull the cover taught to get the best fit. Ideally, you should measure the back and front of each cover as measurements may vary between sides.

Next, measure the depth. Go from seam to seam. If piped, measure between them. The foam you order should be the size of the cover’s border width. Please factor that Dacron will add approximately 1cm to the top and bottom of your cushion.

Do not measure across the middle of the cushion. It may be domed and compromise your measurements.

Lastly, choose the correct shape from our templates and input your measurements.

Latest Sofa Cushion Foam Reviews

Rachel Lloyd

Great quality. Arrived when expected. Fits exactly in existing sofa cushions and very comfortable. Very happy with purchase

Valerie Reading-Kitchen

Delighted! The process was so easy.

Malcom Barton

Great foam, has brought our sofa back to life.

Janet Davies

It’s like I have a new sofa. We have an old leather sofa that our Great Dane sleeps on but the cushions had completely squashed over the years. New foam and leather cleaner and it’s like new. Brilliant quick service. Thank you

Ian Robinson


Stephanie Aston

Easy to order quick service and a perfect fit. Very happy with my purchase.

Michelle Kurz

Great just what I needed

Barry Hynes

I ordered too thick to bolster sagging sofa backrests. I was able to slice them in two easily. They fitted behind the feathers snuggly. Excellent result

Katie Hodgkinson

Brilliant. Easy to order, super quick delivery and has made a huge improvement to our sofa. Chose the soft foam and it was firmer than I thought it'd be but that's not an issue. Wouldn't hesitate to order again.

Carole Paul

Fantastic work guys. Foam Direct never lets me down.

Fran Williams

Sofa is more comfortable than it was when I first bought it decades ago.

Nick Henshall

wonderful new cushions for our furniture. Much better than the old ones. If you're thinking of replacing your furniture, try this first.

Julie Fletcher

Very pleased with my new cushions - extremely comfortable at a great price.

David Powell

Excellent fit, exactly as I ordered. Great work!

Ian Wharry

Great website. Great foam - Perfect!

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