Latest Reviews

  • Jason Dodd

    Very handy, makes the setup look complete. Glad I could get them in the same colour as my tiles and bass traps.

  • Tom Norris

    My favourite colour so really pleased to find that they done the bass traps like this. First impressions are good, hopefully that will continue.

  • Mark Lester

    Nice bass traps! Bought the matching tiles as well which are equally great.

  • Ian Wood

    Excellent Bass Traps! Very well made and cut precisely.

  • Ryan Darvill

    convenient little kit. I opted for the 24 and 4 option which was great for what I needed.

  • duncan branch

    Great quality and a very nice colour blue.

  • Clare Simm

    Love that these came in red as well. I bought a mix of the grey and red ones which look great on my wall.

  • Jack Hardy

    Very nice acoustic foam tiles. High quality and well worth a buy.

  • Anna Cox

    The foam arrived on time, precisely as I specified. Really pleased with the service.

  • Mark Fletcher

    A perfect fit, no more uncomfortable nights in the caravan. Thanks

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